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Weifang Xuxin Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd., is a set of waterproof material, waterproof material, raw material, waterproof material production equipment of a variety of business comprehensive trading company. The Xu Xin companies rely waterproof township - Shouguang Taiwan Town, has its own production capacity. The company now mainly produces and sells "Chen Sheng" brand series of waterproof material: polyester tire, geotextile, polyester cloth, colored asphalt shingles, geomembrane, composite waterproof coating, polymer elastomeric polyurethane waterproof coating, acrylic waterproofing coating, SBS, APP change bitumen waterproofing membrane and waterproof linoleum, with an annual output of 30,000 tons of "Yu-source" licensing Caisha, triangular sand, shale, piece, annual production of 6 million square meters of the tire base fabric. While operating a variety of waterproof raw materials and production equipment of all kinds of waterproof materials.

SBS, APP modified bitumen produced waterproofing membrane, excellent performance, long service life, applicable to a wide range of safe, simple, non-polluting, high temperature 90 is not flowing, low temperature -25 brittlecrack. Waterproof can be applied to the industrial and civil buildings, houses, basements and bridges, parking lots, roof, garden, swimming pool, reservoirs, tunnels and other projects. This product has good low temperature toughness and high elastic extensibility is particularly applicable to the construction of the alpine region.

Weifang Xuxin Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd. is a unit of China Building Material Market Association, Chinese waterproof materials Industry Association member units, and has achieved "elastomer (SBS) modified bitumen membrane" issued by the National Building Materials Bureau the asphalt composite fetal flexible waterproofmembrane "industrial products production license; obtain new products and new technology development program in Shandong Province, has made the" promotion the license "Zhunyongzheng" made ??Qingdao, Jinan, Zibo City Shandong Provincial Construction Committee issued "quasicertificate ", Shanghai and Sichuan Province" Zhunyongzheng the the.

Xu Xin quality products, complete specifications, adhere to the starting point, high standard, high-quality, high-efficiency approach to actively introduce technical personnel, the road of science and technology plant. The quality of the company to survive, with credit extension development, and provide a comprehensive after-sales service, sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit.


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