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Polyethylene polypropylene Composite waterproof membrane

Polyethylene polypropylene Composite waterproof membrane

Product details


Product Overview:

"CHEN SHENG" Shower Liner is especially designed for waterproof in shower rooms and other wet area. This product is a composite sheet membrane made of soft polyethylene(PE) with nonwoven polypropylene(PP) fabric laminated on both sides to enable the membrane fixed firmly onto mortar.

"CHEN SHENG"  Shower Liner is flexible and conforms to various contours of the wood framing, bending upward at the walls and folding into corners. It can be applied directly with thin-set mortar, ceramic and stone tile, provides waterproofing and crack isolation/joint bridging for thin-set installations of ceramic and stone tile. It has been an ideal membrane to protect the substrate from moisture penetration.

Product Features:

l  Light-weight and Eco-friendly;

l  Pliable material and compatible with various shapes of base;

l  Easy and fast installation, saving installing time and labor cost;

l  Excellent moisture barrier performance.

Applicable Scope:

l  Moisture barrier liners in showers, steam rooms, swimming pool surroundings;

l  Interior application of ceramic and stone tiles;

l  Other wet areas like shopping centers, food courts, commercial kitchens, etc.

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