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Color Sand

Color Sand

Product details


1, sand series:
Dyeing product color colorful by shale, quartz sand, river stone (Xuan Wuyan) as the raw material, good strength, acid and alkali resistance, good dimensional sense, and the cost is low, guarantee 5-10 years do not fade.
2, natural shale tablets:
Shale sheet strength the product is good, shale thin, anti ultraviolet radiation, protect the carcass, uniform particles, high strength, good dimensional sense, the products are mainly used in SBS asphalt waterproof coiled material, a variety of architectural coatings.
3, color quartz sand:
Mainly used in various types of SBS, APP modified asphalt waterproof coiled material, linoleum tile, colorful asphalt shingles, epoxy floor, stone, artificial turf, arts and crafts, bright color, good weathering resistance, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistant, anti slip, seamless, high-grade appearance.
Sand is a kind of decorative material emerging, mainly used in the production of stone, stone like paint, sand paint, high-grade construction decoration, handicrafts, artificial marble, ceramic, brick and decorative sanitary ware etc.. The company of sand production products and wall is brilliant, elegant colors, strong wear resistance, flame resistance, waterproof, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, never fade, so it has a high application value.
Color quartz sand quality standard
First, the color standard:
1, develop a variety of color, color to color standard for reference, contrast color without obvious deviation.
2, a variety of colors by spectrometry.
Two, the appearance of quality requirements:
1, stained sand pure color, dyeing uniformity, no uneven color spots.
2, color, clean, no dust, no impurity particles pollution (impurity content 1%).
3, stained sand good roundness, rounded particles 96%, allogeneic (sharp long 4%).
4, with good color particles and dry, not wet.
Three, particle size:
0.3-0.5mm 95% or 30 mesh sieve 95% lien 60 mesh sieve
0.5-0.8mm 95% or 24 mesh sieve 95% lien 35 mesh sieve
0.7-1.2mm 95% or 16 mesh sieve 95% lien 26 mesh sieve
1.2-1.8mm 95% or 10 mesh sieve 95% lien 18 mesh sieve
1.6-2.5mm 95% or 8 mesh sieve 95% lien 12 mesh sieve
2.5-3.00mm 95% or 6 mesh sieve 95% lien 8 mesh sieve
Four, hardness:
Mineral with Mohs hardness 6.5-7.0.
Five, the proportion of:
Packing: the proportion of 1524-1588 kg / m3.
Six, the water vapor content 0.6%.
Quartz sand:
Product properties
A, roundness:
1, rounded particles - sphere 95%.
2 isoforms (sharp, long prismatic) 5%.
Two, size: (0.3-1.2mm standard)
Mesh size retention
16 1.2mm 0-2%
18 1.00mm 30-50%
24 0.8mm 10-25%
26 0.7mm 5-15%
35 0.5mm 30-50%
60 0.3mm 90-95%
Three, hardness:
Mineral with Mohs hardness 6.5-7.0
Four, the proportion of:
True density: 2650 kg / m3
Packing: the proportion of 1524-1588 kg / m3
Five, the water vapor content 0.6%.
Six, the porosity: 2.8%.
Seven, purity, impurity content 1%

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