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SBS waterproofing membrane paper

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SBS waterproof coiled material is made of glass fiber mat or poly casein felt tread, invasion of coated SBS modified asphalt, both sides covered with polyethylene film, fine sand, powder or mineral aggregates made of a new type of high-grade waterproof coiled material. Is the elastic rubber modified asphalt waterproofing membrane products in.

SBS waterproof membrane keeps the asphalt waterproof material reliability and rubber elastic material, improves the extensibility, flexibility, adhesion, weather resistance, and has good high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, cold resistance, waterproof layer can form high strength, and puncture resistance and fatigue, the emergence of small crack self healing. The construction can be hot lap, reliable sealing.

SBS waterproof coiled material widely used in waterproof engineering of various types of underground structures, especially suitable for industrial and civil buildings waterproof, moisture-proof; indoor swimming pool; all kinds of hydraulic structures and municipal engineering of waterproof, anti permeability etc..

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