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Underground engineering waterproof design data to be collected are there?

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Waterproofing design of underground engineering, should according to the characteristics of the project need to collect the following information:

The highest elevation, 1 underground water level appeared in the era of the actual water level elevation in recent years and seasonal variation;

2 types of groundwater, recharge source, water quality, flow, flow, pressure;

3 engineering geological structure, including rock strike, dip, joints and fissures, characteristics, aquifer distribution and permeability coefficient, karst cave and sinkhole, regions and collapsible soil and expansive soil embankment,

4 years of changes in temperature, precipitation, ground freezing depth;

5 regional topography, physiognomy, natural wells, reservoir, abandoned pit and surface water, flood and water supply and drainage system;

Geothermal project 6 areas where the earthquake intensity, and gas containing harmful substances such as data;

7 the level of construction technology and material sources.

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