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Self-adhesive waterproofing membrane products

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Self-adhesive waterproofing membrane plays an important role in waterproofing membrane, the surface is suitable for industrial and civil buildings, indoor, the basement waterproof application in municipal engineering etc.. Also suitable for wood structure surface. The need for cold construction are very suitable equipment and put an end to the fire of oil storage, chemical plants, textile mills, grain and other waterproof engineering.

Now for the product characteristics explain self-adhesive waterproofing membrane:

1, do not need to be processed, directly applicable to securely bonded substrate. Construction is convenient and fast

2, good elasticity, ductility, can be applied to various construction requirements.

3, has excellent adhesion to base, to ensure reliable lap tight, seamless.

4, with self-healing function, in case of damage under the small can heal themselves with puncture into objects automatically to combine, the waterproof effect is good.

5, the construction is simple and convenient, safer, less environmental pollution.

6, in addition to the main material, better waterproof performance of material surface (polyethylene polypropylene sheet is only this film waterproof), thus better waterproof effect.

7, in various environments, strong corrosion resistance.

Application of self adhered waterproofing materials have very extensive, in the market in the future will play a more important role.

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