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What is SBS waterproof coiled material which has the characteristics of what?

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SBS waterproof coiled material is a polyester felt or glass fiber mat as base, styrene butadiene - styrene (SBS) thermoplastic elastomer as modifier, both sides covered with isolation building waterproof material. SBS waterproofing membrane. The other modifiers such as rubber powder modified asphalt or made of other base material can not be called SBS modified asphalt waterproof coiled material.

SBS waterproof coiled material has the following characteristics:

1, temperature sensitivity, high slope roofing one should use.

2, the thickness is thick and has good resistance to puncture and tear resistance, fatigue resistance;

The ability to withstand base cracks 3, excellent elastic elongation and high, and had set the healing power of bridge cracks;

5, at hot lap seam sealed to maintain reliable. Coil but thickness less than 3mm shall be used in hot-melt method construction;

6 at low temperature and still maintain good performance, even in the cold climate, also can construction, especially in the north;

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