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How do the waterproof layer construction?

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1, must get ready to do waterproof grassroots clean, as far as possible is to base the surface waterproof keep dry.

2, according to the process of waterproof coating for construction. Here to show that the leaking part of toilet is mainly in the water pipes under the root and foundation, so these places do waterproof construction must let it fill, actually practice with fingers hooked on it. Also note that the waterproof requirement from the do not less than twenty-five cm up for good.

3, if a side wall toilet light body wall, then the need for water treatment on the wall.

After 4, waterproof paint dry, need twenty-four hours of close water test, observe whether there is leakage phenomenon. This is generally not done waterproof and leaking.

The waterproof layer from the ground began to extend to the wall, above the ground two hundred and fifty mm on the waterproof layer. The bathroom shower head wall height of not less than one thousand eight hundred mm; the waterproof layer coating brushing need uniform, general thickness shall not be less than one point five mm, waterproof coating surface can not have bubbles, not flowing, smooth without bump, and the pipe fittings, sanitary ware anchor, floor drain, drainage outlet joints tight head smooth without leakage. Waterproof project ends have to do twenty-four hour storage experiment, only such, decoration will not stay hidden.

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