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Polyethylene polypropylene construction scheme and basic requirements

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The construction scheme of polyethylene polypropylene fiber waterproof coiled material which is:

1 polyethylene polypropylene fiber three hundred grams of waterproofing, waterproofing specified standard.

The 2 auxiliary materials: special glue and method for making cement.

3, material re: to unify the brand the same manufacturers, unified grade products, more than one thousand volumes of the pumping volume five, one hundred to four hundred and ninety-nine volumes of smoke four volumes, one hundred volumes of the two volume of smoke, size and appearance quality inspection, coil interview will roll away from the outermost head resection after three hundred mm along the longitudinal cut one thousand five hundred mm full coil two blocks, a block as the physical properties test use, another piece of spare.

4, when the material should be placed in the interior stand, to avoid the rain.

The basic requirements:

Waterproof construction base to a solid flat, smooth, no loose, sand, cracks, tilt and pointed convex, potholes, Konggu phenomenon.

Require the construction waterproof of primary and secondary materials:

1 mortar ratio: method for making cement and special powder weight ratio is one hundred than fifty than one method for making cement powder amount of water.

2 ratio method: first the powder into the container, and method for making cement stirring, after mixing evenly, add water and stir into a paste fluid before use.

3 in the construction of the base surface play a reference line, will roll laying adjustment.

4 surface can not have Mingshui, if very dry, heat preservation in the basal surface water.

5 the ground and coil coating should be uniform, not leak painting, straightened after compaction screed.

6 in the sealing place to do a single component polyurethane sealing.

Construction and operation of the waterproof layer

Polyethylene polypropylene fiber waterproof membrane construction order, every building in accordance with the first floor walls, the first additional layer surface, the first excavation, sump, body pit after the bottom plate construction, each building large surface construction from middle to both ends of construction.

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