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SBS waterproof coiled material in roof waterproof construction operations to

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SBS waterproof coiled material in roof waterproof construction operations to

1, ensure the construction and material quality, material suitable for construction at +50C~350C temperatures: asphalt waterproof coiled materials of SBS is not suitable for the construction below zero temperatures, hot melt paving material can be above -100C temperature under construction, membrane resistance to low temperature, - will not be frozen. Rain and snow and frost, high humidity weather requires special techniques.

2, roof drainage slope, drainage slope flat roof is 1~3%, when the slope is less than 1, can choose the material for slope, the slope is greater than 3, can be used to find the slope structure. Gutter, eaves gutter slope shall be not less than 2% ditch bottom shall not exceed 300mm. Water outlet diameter of about 400mm above the slope of not less than 4%.

Treatment 3, roof voids, cracks, when the gap is less than 19mm, the use of dilution of cast-in-place concrete, size is no larger than 9mm, as far as possible by expansion method for making cement perfusion or mixing expansive concrete. When the gap is greater than 30mm should be carried out in accordance with design requirements of pouring reinforced, and after he finished nursing a week or so, need to confirm the adhesive strength of filling the gap between. If there is internal cracks, the cracks cut into the groove of 14~19mm inverted V-shaped chisel, cleaning slag, using joint cream several times the cracks between fill, each must have ten minute intervals, the roller press line.

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