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What is the solvent type regenerated rubber modified asphalt waterproofing paint? What are the characteristics?

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Solvent type regenerated rubber asphalt waterproof coating is the use of recycled rubber to modified asphalt, using gasoline as solvent, waterproof coating made of various inert fillers added. Its features are as follows:

(1) has a certain degree of flexibility and durability, repeatedly brushing can form coating thicker;

(2) the product solvent volatile gasoline, so the drying and curing fast, but in the transport and use should be prohibited fireworks, and equipped with fire fighting equipment;

(3) the product of cold construction at room temperature, the construction is solvent, the ring

There are certain environmental pollution, should maintain good ventilation;

(4) the product is used in the production of wide raw material source, low cost; due to the presence of emulsion type waterproof coating and showed more advantages, solvent based coatings gradually decreased.

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