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Storage room in the face of the waterproof layer are required?

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Water stored roof is on the roof of the brick masonry or concrete roofing manufacturing into a number of connected pool, pool the perennial water depth of 200-500mm water, by the evaporation of water and heat insulation effect, to prevent the summer sun high temperature for the purpose of passing from the house chamber. And duckweed aquatic plants growing in the pool, achieve better insulation effect. For the convenience of management, can be paved walkway plate in and around the central pool.

The waterproof layer of cistern roofing should adopt flexible integration scheme, flexible waterproof layer should be used with certain strength and elongation, strong corrosion resistance, mildew, puncture resistance ability and a certain thickness of material or coating; and should be fortified, covering the entire roof. The surface should be fine stone concrete protective layer can also be fine stone concrete made of fine stone soil waterproof layer, the lattice spacing can be properly enlarged to about 6m, less than l0m, and the cell wall are also located here; fine stone concrete can be just a fine stone concrete waterproof layer requirements into line with rib, thickness and construction control.

Water stored roof should also set the spillway and overflow pipes according to design requirements, in the rain so that excess water row gutter piped, each partition wall at the bottom should also be communicating pipe roofing lowest should set the drainage pipe, to facilitate the long-term water after cleaning the water he.

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